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beach by ecoutezmoncher featuring a straw hatZadig Voltaire mohair cardigan£265 - zadig-et-voltaire.com3 1 Phillip Lim bandeau bathing suit$250 - lagarconne.comFlat leather sandals$215 - reissonline.comMarc by Marc Jacobs gold jewelry$120 - stylebop.comStraw hat£9.50 - urbanexcess.comessie nail polish - clambake$8 - essie.com
beach by ecoutezmoncher featuring a straw hat

Zadig Voltaire mohair cardigan
£265 - zadig-et-voltaire.com

Flat leather sandals
$215 - reissonline.com

Straw hat
£9.50 - urbanexcess.com

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The Avett Brothers

So here I am again, kids. Today I will be writing to you all about one of my favorite artists probably. I tend to speak in hyperbole and exaggerate a lot (LIKE MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE EVER)…but these guys are close to my little heart. Drumroll….

The song: ‘Salina’ by The Avett Brothers                                                     

You can (and I would advise that you do) listen to the song here!

Important side note: I was born and raised in the Nashville, Tennessee area. I live elsewhere now, but I’m still in Tennessee. I just can’t leave it y’all - I love this state. Nashville self-identifies as “Country Music City USA” but I really can’t do popular country music. I can’t. But the point is that I really love bluegrass music. I like banjoes and mandolins, and music that sounds like a bunch of guys just jammin’ on mamma’s porch after Sunday lunch, smokin’ their pipes, eatin’ their grits, slappin’ their thighs, wearin’ their overalls…have I made my point?  A lot of my family is from east Tennessee and North Carolina so I spent a good amount of time in those places growing up. Those folks up there can appreciate their bluegrass – let me tell you. ANYWAYS. The Avett Brothers are from North Carolina and their sound is like a younger and deliciously folksy fresh take on a genre that I just love – this particular song is all about coming home. It’s great ‘driving around town with the windows down’ music.

The clothes: The clothes in the past two posts were fairly polished – featuring some designer pieces and other various fancy stuffs. While I love those looks,I wanted to use pieces that were a little more rustic and practical for this post. I call it:  Smokey Mountain-log cabin-EllieMay Clampett-chic. This is the kind of thing that I would love to wear as an everyday look…to school or strollin’ around town. Don’t you just go bananas for plaid? I do.

You can view the set details here on polyvore.com 

Well that’s about it. Leave some love in the comments, please! It will make me happy.

Much love – Moi. 

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Yann Tiersen

Bonjour again! So I figure if I write several posts in quick succession…people will become interested…and figure out what I’m doing…or follow my blog or something. Maybe? Also, I decided not to include audio files in these posts anymore, it was getting too complicated. OKAY I am super excited about this post for reasons I am about to reveal. 

 The song: "Summer ‘78" by Yann Tiersen from the Goodbye Lenin! soundtrack. You can listen to it here on youtube. 

The really awesome side note: I have been enamored of Yann since high school when I discovered the score he wrote for the movie Amelie, which I would really like to live inside of. He is a very talented French composer who is now on tour with his band. Speaking of his tour I went to go see him this past weekend in Nashville with my sister and he was phenomenal!!! His music is often very simple, melodic, and usually instrumental. I chose to use this particular song because it is one of my favorites. It makes me want to go out and buy a piano for my tiny house, which would be super impractical. 

The clothes: Initially I struggled to figure out how I was going to approach this look. Should I go off of the styling in the movie? Should I do something entirely different? Tough questions. I ultimately decided that the clothes from Goodbye Lenin! are just kind of boring. This song is not boring, it’s beautiful and romantic…so I wanted to use beautiful and romantic clothes. Problem solved. This is exactly what I would want to wear if I were ever forced to listen to this song all day (what torture). Ya dig? 

I really wish that all of this was mine. I am developing a serious crush on that Valentino coat. Oh well. Enjoy! 

You can view the set details here at polyvore.com 

xoxox - Moi

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20 Plays

Alrighty my darlings…here we go with post NUMBER ONE! Huzzah! In order to kick all this shenanigans off - I decided to use a song that has been stuck in my brain/on my itunes repeat for several months now. I just love it.

The song"Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)" by Florence + The Machine

Funny side note: This Christmas when I went home to my parent’s house, my sisters and I (who are/were all at one time dancers) decided that we really should spice up our Christmas Eve cooking with a little Florence + The Machine. The end result was a priceless video of myself + my two sisters + this very song - dancing beautifully looking crazy in the kitchen and singing at the top of our lungs while simultaneously whipping up homemade garlic biscuits, stuffing, sweet potato casserole…ehhh you get the point. IT WAS AWESOME. And my poor brother standing silently in the background shaking his head at us just completed the insanity. Needless to say, I think this song is the beez kneez. 

The clothes: This collage is first and foremost inspired by the badass front-woman of this band, Florence Welch and her own great personal style. She slays me….with her gigantic voice and her GORGEOUS GORGEOUS ginger hair. I’m a sucker for the gingers. Anyways, she just recently wore this stunna’ of a Givenchy gown from the Spring 2011 couture collection to the Grammy’s. So I decided to create some polyvore magic using her Grammy look as my guide!

For set details go here to see them at polyvore.com

Enjoy! Repost! Follow me! Whatever! 

xoxox - Moi

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Bonjour my friends!

So I sort of swore to my friends that I would never really write a blog unless I had something important to say. I also said I’d never have a twitter, become a vegetarian or wear leopard print heels but alas, I was wrong on all accounts. 

Even though nothing I post here will be too terribly important, I thought it would be sort of fun to share some visual inspiration - for shits and giggles - and because I love music so much. I’ve come to realize just how much the music I listen to inspires what I wear - so this is how it’s gonna work, folks. In each post I’ll pick one song, share a little bit about why I think it’s awesome - and then put together some fabulously impressive (hopefully?) fashion collages for you based on that particular song.

Does that sound painfully boring? I hope not. Maybe as I start creating these promised posts I’ll find ways to make them…pretty…and interesting…and make you want to follow me or something. Or maybe I’ll just abandon this becuase it’s really not as great of an idea as I think it is. 

ANYWAYS. Premature self-doubt aside, I hope you all will like what happens on this here blog…and maybe you’ll get inspired by some sweet tunes yourself!

With love - Moi 

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